Top 8 Related Post Plugins For WordPress 2020

Related Posts Plugins automatically displays similar posts to your visitors. This helps with OnPage SEO when looking at your websites internal link strategy

Related Posts Plugin. What Does it give you?

With this plugin you can automatically display related articles for the current article. Most plugins compare categories, keywords, titles or the article text. The higher the match, the more similar the articles are.
The similar posts are then usually displayed below the article.

This is to motivate the reader to read further articles on the page. That the length of stay and page views increase and the bounce rate decreases.

This also has another positive effect for OnPage SEO. If you link other articles in your post, you will strengthen the internal link on your website.

Briefly introduced plugins for similar posts

Since there are now a lot of similar post plugins, I would like to give you a small overview.

Contextual Related Posts [link]

Fast and easily adaptable

  • Automatic display below the article
  • Manual insertion possible
  • caching
  • widgets
  • shortcode
  • Matching: title / content
  • Except for categories, posts
  • Display of article pictures
  • Style adjustments possible

The similar contributions are shown by comparing the titles. In addition, you can also include the content.

You can also manually add posts. With CRP, however, this is unfortunately not so convenient. You make the selection below the article in a meta box. Here you have to enter the Post-ID, which you have to search for beforehand.

Related [link]

With Related you can or have to choose suitable articles yourself. Because nothing is automatically linked here. The pro’s: Really suitable and handpicked further articles. At the same time, of course, it is also a con as a lot of blog articles, requires admin work.

  • Manual input
  • Arrangement via drag & drop
  • widget
  • list view
  • Post, Pages & CPT

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) [link]

I used YARPP a while ago. I changed it for performance reasons. In the meantime it is no longer that heavy, but still not a lightweight plugin.

However, YARPP is very good when it comes to displaying relevant content!

  • Display as a list or with a thumbnail
  • Customizable design templates
  • Extensive query options: title, tags, categories, content
  • Display in feeds

Inline Related Posts [link]

A little different to the normal related post plugins. Similar posts are not placed at the end of the article, but within the content.

As a result, the linked post is seen and clicked more compared to being at the end of the article.

  • Display in the article text
  • Issue of several similar articles
  • Pay attention to paragraphs and headlines
  • Customizable design

The premium version of the plugin offers a few more features. So you can insert more than 3 posts in the content and additionally include article pictures.

Custom Related Posts [link]

Custom Related Posts also differs from the majority of the other plugins. Because it only offers a manual selection of articles.
Using a widget, you can manually insert your own article link anywhere.

  • Selection of post types (post, pages)
  • Mutual linking of the articles
  • Output via shortcode, widget, block
  • Fully integrated in Gutenberg
  • XML import
  • Display of thumbnails

Related Posts for WordPress [link]

Of all the plugins, Related Posts for WordPress offers the fastest start. With the help of the Setup Wizard, WordPress beginners can quickly use the functions. Because this analyzes the page and then ensures the correct link.

In addition, you can also link posts by hand.

  • Setup wizard
  • Manual input
  • shortcode
  • widget

Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress [link]

Related-Post Thumbnails automatically inserts similar posts with thumbnails under the article.
Unfortunately, you cannot manually overwrite the selection.

  • Selection of post types (post, pages)
  • Gutenberg block available
  • Display of thumbnails
  • Comparison via category / tags


Related posts plugins are very good for keeping the reader on the page longer and helps with bounce rates as well as internal link structure. All of the plugins presented offer the basic function for integrating similar content. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

I prefer using the sidebar widget. Because it is relatively fast and I try to keep all my content in their own perspective categories with internal link used inside of the content piece.

This does require more manual work but it allows for an better overall strategy being implemented for those playing the long game.

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